"Pap Rock" - Vav Jungle -

"Canadiana Striptease" - Vav Jungle -

"Cream Corn Bath" - Vav Jungle -

"Crash" - DJBeekeeni -

"Batbaby" remix for "The Superions" featuring Fred Schneider of The B52s - <you can listen to this mix here

*There are other albums that exist ("Zig A Dig", "Models For Jelly", 2 cassette tapes, promotional mix CDs - a compilation will be released of these at a further date*



Eve has been involved in several music projects over the past 20 years. 

Earliest in her career (and still holding) is her act "Vav Jungle" which was originally conceived by herself (that name was derived from a dream log Eve kept at the time) and artist Murray Toews.

She has performed in North America mainly and several songs from her six albums have been featured in radio, television and film.

This includes work with The Chris Isaaks Show, Nightlines FM with David Wisdom, WTN (W Network), film producer David Latt and many artists in Winnipeg.

Vav Jungle toured about Canada, New York City and Quebec City (the album "Pap Rock" was number 1 on CHYZ FM charts - check out earshot for more here):

There are 6 Vav Jungle releases.

Please follow this iTunes link if you would like to purchase a song or album here or check out purchase link: (you can also find other VJ albums on your iTunes search)

Here's a snappy video of Vav Jungle's "Latest Hole" - more on YT on your search by VJ and DJB as well :)


In the early millennium, Eve re-fashioned her sound to accommodate changing times and her own interests thus becoming


When friend Leala Hewak opened Winnipeg's infamous "Cream Gallery", she had suggested to Eve the notion of

being a DJ as she was aware of her music collection.  Eve took it to a performance art level and combined singing her own music along with other music and making DJ sets - a singing DJ. 

"I ,love b-sides, unknown hip shakers and farout music disco, elevator, electronic, soul, 60s, new wave, wild, garage, sunny pop,  old top 40..." Eve Rice

One release as DJBeekeeni came about - please check it out here:

In 2010, Eve worked with The B52s vocalist Fred Schneider and his act "The Superions" and remixed the song Batbaby:

DJBeekeeni Check out this podcast:


Check out this podcast:

DJBeekeeni Photo by Lisa Waldner


Photo by Lisa Waldner

DJBeekeeni Photo by Shelby Fraser, Vancouver


Photo by Shelby Fraser, Vancouver